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A guide to trailer safety

The AF4
A weekend cruising skiff from the board of Jim Michalak.

Kingfisher Power Dory
A power dory from Kiwi boatbuilding instructor Richard Wilson.

The Haven 12 1/2-footer (WB Plan 400-75)
Joel White's popular centerboard interpretation of the Herreshoff 12 1/2.

The Delaware Ducker
A sort of traditional Laser; originally meant for hunting ducks, now a pure simple sailer.

The Newfound Rangeley Boat
The popular Maine lakes guide boat, interpreted for simple strip construction.

The Ladybug Pram
Harry Bryan's wheelbarrow Dinghy, in which a knobby tire is hard mounted in the bow; sort of a human-powered amphibian.

Swallow Boats' Sea Raider
A purpose-designed Raid boat.

Chebacco Boat
Phil Bolger's eye-sweet pocket cruiser, which can be built sheet-sides, glued-lap, or multi-chine.

Albury 22' Runabout (WB Plan 400-136)
These are the workhorses of the Abaco Islands and photographer Benjamin Mendlowitz's preferred chase boat.

A new carvel-planked pocket cruiser by Harry Bryan.

Zimmer 21' Utility Launch (WB Plan 400-014)
An elegant launch with a small cuddy.

Biscayne Bay 14
A surprising stable, ballasted shallow-draft daysailer by N.G. Herreshoff.

North Star Kayak
A strip-built version of the indigenous Aleutian baidarka.

Grey Seal (WB Plan 400-091)
Iain Oughtred's trailerbale pocket cruiser.

Rollin Thurlow's B.N. Morris Canoes (WB Plan 400-096)
B.N. Morris of Veazie, Maine, was a builder of fine cedar-and-canvas canoes; Rollin Thurlow now builds to his designs.

Kingfisher and Kookaburra (WB Plan 400-051 & 400-135)
Two plywood recreation rowing shells; the former a single, the latter, a double.

DN 60 Iceboat
A simple to build iceboat.

Penguin class Dinghy
A Philip Rhodes-designed 11' cat-rigged sailing dinghy introduced in 1938; the class is still going strong.

Columbia Lifeboat/* Catspaw Dinghy
A classic Herreshoff dinghy, and Joel White's update of it.

David Stimson Pulling Boat
A classic yacht in a small package.

Black Skimmer
A shoal-draft cruising yawl designed by Phil Bolger.

The Beachcomber-Alpha Dory
A classic racer.

A classic yacht in a small package.

Clint Chase's "faering" type, in glued plywood.


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