WB's SMALL BOATS magazine 2009

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Beach Cruising
A primer in pictures... Geoff Kerr gives you a bunch of tips to get the most from your island hopping adventures, including suggestions on gear, and a variety of way to beach/moor.

The Marblehead Gunning Dory
A boat that almost builds itself

A camp-cruiser from Bill Garden

Glen-L's Super Spartan makes a splash

The 16/30 Sailing Canoe
An easy-to-build racer finds its inspiration in history

The Hird Island Skiff
Comfortable --and quiet

The Hvalsoe 16
On its way to becoming a Northwest classic

A high-end hybrid for paddle and sail

The Wineglass Wherry
A stitch-and-glue pulling boat from Pygmy

The Geary 18
The 1928 "Flattie" is all about speed and simplicity

The Asa Thompson skiff (WB Plan 400-009)
A humble gem

A sliding-seat skiff

A modified Saint-Pierre Dory

The King
A strip-planked kayak from Redfish

A sweet double-ender

A Danish four-sail double-ender

Beetle 14
Sequel to a legend

A fast and stable outboard-powerred skiff

A 17' cruising yawl

Fenwick William's 18' Catboat (WB Plan # 400-056)
A frisky little cat

Tremolino Trimaran
What's old is new again

The Blue Jay-Class Sloop
A Sparkman & Stephens classic

Easy to build, easier to love

A much-admired yacht tender

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