WB's SMALL BOATS annual magazine 2017

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Small Boats annual is a compilation, a "best of" our on-line publication Small Boats Monthly.

The 2017 issue includes:

  • Glen-L's Squirt
  • CLC's Southwester Dory
  • John Welsford's Penguin
  • Eric Hvasloe's Hvasloe 18
  • Swallow Yacht's Storm 23
  • Dudley Dix's Inlet Runner
  • AGC's Adirondack Guideboat
  • Bernd Kohler's Eco 5 Power Cat
  • George Chaisson's Chaisson Dory
  • Rollin Thurlow's Atkinson Traveler
  • Sam Devlin's Cackler and Duckling 17
  • Iain Oughtred's Guillemot and Arctic Tern
  • Clint Chase's Calendar Island Yawl and Compass Skiff




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