Sailmaker's Apprentice

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by Emiliano Marino
494 pp., softcover

The how to of the sailmakers world. New construction, repair, upkeep-just about everything needed to deal with sails by a person who makes his living as a sailmaker. Reviewed in WB No. 125.

Table of Contents:

  • A Ditty Bag Apprenticeship
  • Sailing, Hulls, and Sails
  • Rigs and Sails
  • Sail Shapes and Theory
  • How Sails Are Made
  • Making Your Own Sails
  • Sail Fittings: "Hardware" and "Software"
  • Sail Care and Maintenance
  • Sail Repair and Restoration
  • Buying New of Used Sails
  • Sailbags and Sailcovers
  • Sail handling, Trim, and Adjustment
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