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Plans, instructions, and materials list (you supply wood and other materials) for building a scale model of the 7'7" Nutshell Pram.

Plans print on 11" x 17" (tabloid, or A3 paper). Print at 100% and you will have it at the intended scale, or, if you choose, print greater or less than 100% to have a bigger or smaller model. As long as you print all the plans pages at the same scale, you're all set.

Building this model is a great way to understand the basic plywood construction techniques, and a good warm-up if you decide to build the real thing.

Scale to Nutshell Model, 1-1/2" = 1'
Length: approx 11-3/4", beam: approx 6"

If you'd like a better understanding of just what you are getting yourself in for, view the 4 pages of instructions by clicking: INSTRUCTIONS.

Skill Level = 2

Skill levels are:
1 = beginner
2 = intermediate
3 = advanced


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