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Sounder with Line 

A bronze sounding lead with an inset hollowed star that can be filled with vaseline, grease, even peanut butter, so you'll know what the bottom's surface is like before you set your hook, as well as knowing how much scope you need for anchoring. Also include: instructions/background info. 

Complete Sounder: (line, lead, bag)

Sixty feet of braided line is included. The sounding lead of many years ago was most often attached to a very long line, as there were no electronic sounders to probe great depths. Instead of a knot every fathom, more elaborate markings were used to indicate unambiguously a variety of depths: 

  • 2 fathoms - a 2-ended scrap of leather
  • 3 fathoms - a 3-ended scrap of leather
  • 5 fathoms - a scrap of white calico
  • 7 fathoms - 1 strip of red wool bunting
  • 10 fathoms - leather bound with hole in it
  • 13 fathoms - a piece of thick blue serge
  • 15 fathoms - a piece of white calico
  • 17 fathoms - a piece of red wool bunting
  • 20 fathoms - a cord with 2 knots
  • 30 fathoms - a cord with 3 knots

    What the heck is a fathom? An "international" fathom is:

  • 1.8288 meters
  • 2 yards
  • 6 feet
  • 18 hands
  • 72 inches

    And a British fathom is 1.85 meters, or 6.08 feet.

  • Weight of the sounder is 3 lbs.  & is 7 1/2" long & 1 1/2" at the base.
    Made in the US.

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    Robert Schmidt
    Nantucket Sounder

    Very best quality. Exceeded my expectations. Expertly packaged. Quick delivery. Robert

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    Nantucket Sounder

    Leslie Hewett
    Best Store Ever

    Totally satisfied with selection, service and quality. My favorite shopping place.

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    Excellent sounder

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