Martha's Tender

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An easy-towing, easy-rowing tender featuring simple plywood construction and good capacity.

Designed by Joel White

LOA - 9' 6"
Beam - 4' 4"
Draft - 6"
Weight about 105 lbs.
Construction: Plywood
No lofting is required
Skill level: Basic, although stem, chines and keel should be steamed, or at least softened with hot water.
Plans include 4 sheets.Originally this was a three sheet set of plans, but sailing rig was added, so the fourth sheet includes spars, sail, tiller, rudder, and trunk. It's the same rig as on the 9'6" Nutshell. 

For a three-part how-to-build in 1982, see WB 45, 46, and 47. Granted that was done years before a sailing rig was added, but you can always use the Shellback Dinghy book if you want to know how to build spars. 

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   If ordering Digital plan sets: These files are in PDF format.  Some designs will have just a single page needed to be printed on large paper... typically if they had full-sized mold patterns. Other pages could be printed on letter or tabloid size paper, if you want to save printing costs. You'll see a measurement on pages that have full-sized drawings, so your local print shop will just need to print to that size.


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