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Building the Lapstrake Canoe by Simon Watts

Study plans for a canoe sized for two adults plus gear. These actual plans are available only as digital downloads, in PDF format.

Length: 16'

Beam: 34"
Weight: 110 lbs.

Construction: Lapstrake, copper riveted
Skill level:  Intermediate

Level of Detail: Above average
No Lofting required

Materials: Spruce planking, steam-bent white ash frames and trim, laminated ash spreaders (removable for car-topping). Copper fastened.


This canoe is a versatile, elegant little boat--well suited to sheltered waters although we have tried one out on the open sea. The three laminated ash spreaders are attached with wing nuts so are easily removed for car topping or when camping. This is not a white water craft and should be stored ashore, under cover, so it doesn't get water-logged and heavy.

A personal preference, when paddling a canoe solo, is to bring along a 20-30 pound weight, something expendable like a canvas bag filled with sand or gravel, as moveable ballast. When paddling into a head wind it helps to move the ballast forward thus lowering the bow and reducing windage.



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