Kayaks of Greenland

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Subtitled "The History and Development of the Greenlandic Hunting Kayak, 1600-2000", this book covers the gamut from builder, paddler, to social and geographic history. Harvey's scope goes beyond the museum, as he's built and used over a dozen replicas. He can relate not only how they are built, but how these kayaks "feel" in the water.

Heavily illustrated with historic images, diagrams, sketches (407 figures), and 104 scale drawings of kayaks, and 79 scale drawings of paddles in museums and private collections.

by Harvey Golden
579 pages, softcover
8-1/2" x 11" x 1-3/8"

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Garry Eyser
Great Resource

This is a great resource for anyone interested in active kayaks of Greenland. Very in-depth on cultural aspects, construction and to scale drawings of Greenland kayaks and paddles. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone along with the book on Kayaks of Alaska!!!!!

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