Kayaks of Alaska

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Kayaks of Alaska is Harvey Golden's latest monumental work, giving you the history and development of these kayaks... as well as Harvey's hands-on experiences, as he has built and used seventeen replicas.

This thorough, remarkable book includes 24 color plates, and is heavily illustrated with historic images, diagrams, sketches (649 figures), and 76 scale drawings of kayaks, and 91 scale drawings of paddles in museums and private collections.


  • Chapter 1: Kayaks of Alaska
  • Chapter 2: A new typology of Alaskan Kayaks
  • Chapter 3: Presentation & Terminology
  • Chapter 4: Unangan Kayaks
  • Chapter 5: Sugpiaq-Alutiiq Kayaks
  • Chapter 6: Central Yupik Kayaks
  • Chapter 7: Unaligmuit Kayaks
  • Chapter 8: Southern Inupiaq Kayaks
  • Chapter 9: Northern Inupiaq Kayaks
  • Chapter 10: Kayak Construction
  • Chapter 11: Kayak Equipment
  • Chapter 12: Alaskan Kayak Paddles

    by Harvey Golden
    560 pp., softcover
    8-1/2" x 11" x 1-3/8"

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    Garry Eyser
    A great collection of knowledge

    This is a great reference tool for everything native kayaks of Alaska. It’s so good that I ordered the book by the same author for Greenland kayaks. They will not disappoint. Would definitely recommend these books and the WoodenBoat Store to anyone!!!!!!

    Kayaks of Alaska

    The author presents an exhaustive study of the history, construction and use of kayaks by early native Alaskan people. There are detailed scale drawings of construction methods. The design and development of various types of paddles gets its own section. I found the history of Russian conquest and enslavement of the natives to hunt sea otters extremely interesting. There is a lot of mind-numbing detail in the drawings but for someone truly interested in these boats it is well worth the time.

    John Campbell
    If you love kayaks

    This book is outstanding and recommended for anyone interested in kayaks or First Nation technology. It is indispensable for those wishing to build a skin-on-frame vessel.
    The illustrations and drawings are excellent.

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