Issue #265 Nov/Dec 2018

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Nov/Dec 2018


  • Periwinkle Junior - A simple skiff and an excellent first boat, Part 1 by John Rowse
  • Blue River Table - Fine dining on the River Fal by Nic Compton
  • Building TARDIGRADE - "A touchable dream" by Gregory Roscoe
  • Sakonnet One Designs - The community built around a beloved fleet by Mara Lozier Shore
  • Restoring BACHELOR BUTTON - The overhaul of a Sakonnet One Design by Evelyn Ansel
  • The Abeking & Rasmussen Legacy - A somewhat-random sample by Matthew P. Murphy
  • Henry Rasmussen - The origins and American connections of Abeking & Rasmussen by Detlef Jens
  • Aboard WESTER TILL - A postwar cruising yawl from Abeking & Rasmussen by Tyler Fields
  • A Shop-Made Cordless Tool Dresser - Accurately restore bevels on chisels and plane irons by Harry Bryan
  • Getting Started in Boats: Other People's Boats - a tear out supplement by Jan Adkins

    Cover: Nat Benjamin's Periwinkle Junior design is an excellent first boat, one that student boatbuilders at Community Boat Building in Boston, Massachusetts, regularly build to learn practical math and teamwork while having fun in boats. Photograph by Carol Crawford.




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  • Customer Reviews

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    Tyler Miller
    Great Magazine

    I really enjoyed issue 265, I was happy with the service too. I purchased the issue for Harry Bryan's article on tools dressers, and came away convinced I need to build a skiff!

    Loved the magazine, plan to buy more.


    peter krug
    Wooden boat

    I love the issue and will want to subscribe soon

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