Issue #259 Nov/Dec 2017

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Nov/Dec 2017


  • Sailing into Mental Health - Sea Sanctuary and Turn to Starboard help veterans make a right turn by Nic Compton
  • Unraveling the Cost of Amateur Boatbuilding - A tight budget can be an asset by Dudley Dix
  • STING RAY V - Ray Hunt's legendary deep-V cruiser by Stan Grayson
  • Ben Harris and ALVA - Bucking the law of unanticipated circumstances by Nigel Sharp
  • The Party Boat SKIPPER - Seventy-six years of fish and fun by Randall Peffer
  • RUNA - A "just right" little daysailer by Evelyn Ansel
  • The Rebirth of Vinyard Shipyard - How a Delaware town turned its gaze back to its storied river by Anne Bryant
  • DULCINEA, DEVA, and DIDDIKAI - A trio of double-ended cruisers drawn by L. Francis Herreshoff by Roger C. Taylor

    Getting Started in Boats: The Thrill of the Drill - Tear-out supplement by Jan Adkins

    Cover: C. Raymond Hunt designed the power yacht STING RAY V in the early 1960s, and she was launched at Jamestown, Rhode Island, in 1964. A succession of good owners have kept the yacht in pristine condition. Photograph by Benjamin Mendlowitz.




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