Issue #258 Sept/Oct 2017

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Sept/Oct 2017

  • The Design Legacy of H.C. Hanson - Selections from a prolific and highly varied portfolio by Tom Jackson
  • Aboard TRIXTER - A 35' H.C. Hanson cruiser from 1934 by Sean Koomen
  • The Parallel Passions of Oliver Berking - A visit to Germany's premier classic wooden boat yard by Matthew P. Murphy
  • San Francisco's Master Mariners - A Bay Area institution celebrates 150 years by John Riise and John Skoriak
  • Laid-Deck Replacement - A creative approach by Randall Peffer
  • Preservation through Process - The tools and techniques of small-boat building in Norway by Kate McMillan
  • In Pursuit of the 100-Point Boat - Extreme restoration of a Buzzards Bay 25-class sloop by Bryan Burdick
  • A Look at Transom Construction - Part 3: Building with curve, rake, and modified miters by Sean Koomen
  • LANDFALL - L. Francis Herreshoff designs an ocean racer by Roger C. Taylor

    Getting Started in Boats: Getting Started in Boats: Preparing for a Storm - Tear-out supplement by Jan Adkins

    Cover:The 6-Meter class sloops NIRVANA (designed by Sparkman & Stephens in 1939) and APACHE (the former ISELIN, designed by Bjarne Aas in 1939) take shape at Robbe & Berking Classics. Both of the original yachts were lost decades ago, and were replicated by the Flensburg, Germany, yard in 2010-11. Photograph by Robbe & Berking Classics.




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