Issue #256 May/June 2017

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May/June 2017


  • Slocum's Luck - A life of near misses and good fortune by Stan Grayson
  • A Look at Transom Construction - Part 1: Building in place assures a good, confident fit by Greg Rossel
  • Marine Plywood - A consumer's guide by John C. Harris
  • Aboard OLYMPUS - A sumptuous 92' fantail yacht from 1929 by Neil Rabinowitz
  • The Salcombe Yawls of Devon - A tenacious development class by Nic Compton
  • Rocky Mountain High - Small steps take a boat from mountains to ocean by Robert W. Stephens
  • Lake Ontario's 8-Meter Revival - A new era for a vintage yacht racing class by Rob Mazza
  • HOTSPUR - An 80-year yarn spins on by William M. Eichbaum
  • The Dare County Boys and the Jig Boat Revolution - How technology added speed to the builds and the boats by Randall Peffer.

    Getting Started in Boats: Bristol Fashion II: The Significance of Small Things - Tear-out supplement by Jan Adkins

    Cover: With Tom Napper at the helm and Crispin Waterhouse crewing, the Salcombe yawl JAYDEE charges to windward near Devon, England. These exciting, restricted-class dinghies originated more than two centuries ago, and they are still actively raced. Photograph by Imogen Yeoman.




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