Issue #254 Jan/Feb 2017

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Jan/Feb 2017

  • FLEKKEROY's Voyage - Connecting continents with a vintage pilot cutter by Bjornar Berg
  • A Sliding Tool Tray - This convenient caddy rests upon gunwales or coamings by John Pratt
  • Happy Days - A Son of Neptune Turns 100 by Randall Peffer
  • The W17 Trimaran - A balance of interests by Geoff Kerr
  • Pocket Schooners - A warm allure that defies cold logic by Lawrence W. Cheek
  • UNITY - Continuing the tradition by Nic Compton
  • The Sailing Canoes of Ailuk Atoll - Traditional watercraft keep a remote Pacific Island alive by Amanda Witherell
  • Propelled by Passion - Bob O'Connor and the legacy of the O'Connor racing hydroplane by Donnie Mullen


  • Getting Started in Boats: Local Genius-Part 2: The Lure of Thin Water - Tear-out supplement by Jan Adkins

    Cover: At Nottingham, England, driver Mike Akerstrom contests the world championship of the OSY-400 hydroplane class in August last year. O'Connor Racing Hydroplanes of Farmington, Maine, built his boat. Photograph by David Recht.




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    Issue #254 Jan/Feb 2017

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