Issue # 229 Nov/Dec 2012

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Nov/Dec 2012


  • Chisels: Selecting the right tool
  • Revisiting the Classics: Commodore Monroe's PRESTO.
  • When the Wind Fails: a sculling oar or small outboard....
  • Stand-up Paddleboard in Ply: how-to build, part 1
  • Mile-high Launches: Montana tour boats
  • CHARLOTTE: Gannon & Benjamin schooner
  • Yacht Designs of Fred W. Martin: out of Racine WI
  • The Marblehead 22: a modern study in simplicity
  • Swallowboats: tradition meets innovation
  • Contact Cruising: Along the New England and Fundy coasts in a $400 yacht.

    Getting Started in Boats Vol 37: Varnishing Basics

    **For a very well done video, see the DVD, Charlotte: A Wooden Boat Story.   #350-64D.



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    Ezra Lee

    Issue # 229 Nov/Dec 2012

    John Adamson
    Kahalo Stand Up Paddleboard

    Accessed WB229 for the first instalments of the plans. I seemed to have lost my copy of 229. Still had my copy of WB230.

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