Issue #180 Sept/Oct 2004

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Sept/Oct 2004
  • Building the Redwing 18: An outboard camp-cruiser, Part 2
  • Best Friends: A boat and her owner
  • The Melonseed Skiff: A functional boat begets a timeless daysailer
  • Pleione: Bruce Dyson and the homegrown Eight-Meter
  • Bona Fide: An elderly radical finds a place among restored classics
  • Fixing Eira: Rebirth of a folkboat
  • Ted Okie's Adventure: A Folkboat to Cuba
  • The Lutra Flyfisher: Perfect for her job
  • Reviving a Dried-out Hull: Considerations for planking, seams and seam compounds.
  • To view the boat building plans for the 'Redwing' noted in this issue, see WB Plan 400-108.

    To view the boat building plans for Marc Barto's 'Melonseed Skiff' noted in this issue, see WB Plan 400-119 and 400-120. 

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    Héraud Pierre-Henri

    Issue #180 Sept/Oct 2004

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    Issue #180 Sept/Oct 2004

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