Issue #172 May/June 2003

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May/June 2003


  • Fathom: A Northwest pocket cruiser
  • Another Way to Pull Keelbolts: Hydraulic jacks replace hammer blows
  • Reading the Slope of Wood Grain :know what to look for in bending stock
  • Lapstitch Boatbuilding :A new way to build lapstrake hulls
  • Bedding Compounds :What to use,when,and where
  • A Familiar Small Voyage :To learn something take the path you took yesterday
  • Replicas Part I:Ground:History of a phenomenon
  • The Buzzards Bay 25: An evolution of sorts
  • Lines: A half-century of yacht designs bySparkman & Stephens 1930-1980


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    Dave Houston
    Old issue

    As usual wooden boat magazine is informative and the artical
    I was looking for was great

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