Issue #135 Mar/Apr 1997

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Mar/April 1997
  • The Alburys of Man O' War Cay
  • Birchbark Canoes
  • Refastening a Hull
  • Tips for Varnishing
  • Building Beach Pea, Part III
  • To view the boat building plans for 'Beach Pea' peapod noted in this issue, see plan 400-110.

    To view the boat building plans for the 'Albury Runabout' noted in this issue, see plan 400-136.



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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Joe Funk
    Good as new

    Lent my copy out and never got it back. Glad to have this replacement issue. (I'm interested in the final installment on building Beach Pea.)

    Phil Rogers
    Beach Pea III

    This issue contained the final instalment of the building of Beach Pea. I started the boat 23 years ago and set it aside for over 15 years until the pandemic came along. I've been back at it thanks to this issue and enjoying it so much.

    Pamela Coughlin
    How Not to Varnish

    This is the most helpful article on varnishing to best train crews how and how not to varnish their boats! I first read it in 97 and have shared the wisdom with shipmates ever since. Now in 2021 it's great to have a fresh reprint to share!

    Yme Dolmans
    As ordered & described

    Got everything quickly & without fuss. Thanks.

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