Harris 26' Gaff Sloop

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Shallow-draft, V-bottomed pocket cruiser with spartan accommodations for two.

Designed by Wilder B. Harris

LOA - 26'
LWL - 21' 5"
Beam - 8' 6"
Draft (cb up) - 2' 5"
(cb down) - 4' 10"
Displ. - 5,060 lbs.
Sail Area - 366 sq. ft.
Construction: Carvel planked over sawn frames
Lofting is required
Skill level: Intermediate to Advanced
Plans include 4 sheets, plus 5 pages of additional notes from the designer.

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Arthur Portas
Love the Boat!

I sailed on this boat as a kid, 50 years ago. The bug to build is strong! The drawings are adequate, but one must read the notes.

Karl Williams
Harris 26' Gaff Sloop - Have admired this boat design for years!

Ever since picking up "50 Wooden Boats" about a decade ago, I have dreamed of this boat. "50..." lists plans as 4 sheets in end of the article, but as 5 sheets of average detail on the opposite page above the drawings. Store also lists as "Plans include 5 sheets, plus 5 pages of additional notes from the designer". Received, there are only 4 sheets. Having a half dozen or more sets of plans around, the plans are of good clarity and average detail, which I'd find sufficient. But, they are missing any even sparse details of mast and spar sizes, rigging, or sail sizes. I suppose I can adequately scale from the drawing, that's within my skillsets. But I will be guessing at some things. There are the 5 sheets of additional notes, but they do not mention any spar, sail, or rigging info either. It seems this should be a 5 sheet set, and that the spars, sails, and rigging details would make a great 5th sheet addition. Otherwise, this design remains near the top of my dream build list.

Hi Karl
The planset actually is 4 sheets. We've double-checked, and, you'll see they are numbered 1 of 4, 2 of 4, etc., and likely we made the error with number of supplemental sheets. Many of the plans, especially the older designs, don't give as much detail. But yes, you can scale. We do have this section on our site about plans:
which gives the rundown.

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