Frame, Stem & Keel Repair

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This book contains a collection of practical advice on the repair and replacements of keels, stems, and frames.

Table of Contents:

  • Why Bent Frames Break, and How to Fix Them
  • Bending Wood
  • An Unpressured Approach to Steaming
  • A steam Box Primer
  • A Steam Box Scrapbook
  • Reframing a Yacht
  • Stem, Transom, and Frame Repairs for a 12 1/2 footer
  • Extending the Life of a St. Lawrence Skiff
  • Removing Tension in New Frames
  • Making Laminated Frames
  • An Alternative Frame-Repair Technique
  • New Floors and Frame
  • Gazella's New Timber
  • The Repair and Replacement orf Stems
  • A New Stem and New Frames
  • Replacing a Powerboat Stem
  • Bending Stems
  • Keelbolts: Removing the Old, Installing the New
  • Removing Rusted Keelbolts
  • A New Keel for an Old Boat
  • A Keel Lamination in Place
  • Replacing a Keel and a Centerboard Trunk

    Part of The WoodenBoat Series, this book is a compilation of articles that have appeared in WoodenBoat magazine.

    edited by Peter Spectre
    133 pp., softcover
    9 x 11"
    ISBN # 0-937822-42-6

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    Richard gill
    Frame,Stem & Keel Repair

    Pictures are worth a 1000 words ( per the saying) and it is the images in this book that help to make it a valuable resource…

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