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The "Footy" class, for boats which fit within a 12" x 6" box. We think you"ll find this design completely irresistible. Designed by Flavio Faloci a naval architect based in Genova, Italy.

BRANDO includes 12 pages of plans, plus detailed building instructions. Drawings are full-sized, and include drawings for a box to transport your boat (and rig, etc), as well as a table stand and a wall stand.

If you download the plans, you can print on "tabloid" 11" x 17" paper, or A3.

BRANDO complies with Footy class rules for radio control use. For a list of what you need, click MATERIALS LIST.

This from Dieter in Germany:

And another a short video of the Brando sailing

Is this a project for a beginner model builder? No not really.

You'll see that the drawings tend to not have many parts labeled with dimensions. As long as you don't exceed the 12" long, 6" wide parameters, and you keep your printing percentage consistent throughout the pages, your model will go together nicely, and comply with the Footy rules. 

Servos, receivers are available from your local hobby shop, or via Tower Hobbies, 1.800.637.6050 (



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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Ralph Cross

Footy BRANDO Plans

Bruce Collemer
Footy - awesome

Going to fit right in with my RC Solings and RC Laser

Joan Conesa

Footy BRANDO Plans

Phillip Artweger
a fantastic little footy

Flavio Falocis plans are fantastic pieces of art as well as making for a great sailing beautiful little footy yacht.

Murray Lull
Definitely an experienced builder’s boat.

Lots left to the builder to figure out. Dimensions, building sequence, materials substitutions, etc. not a simple build. Have a couple of week’s work left to try it out. Cute little boat though!

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