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You may have seen these in the antique tool store, or in your uncle's workshop. The retractable tape measure seems to have largely replaced these, although when you use one, you may just find they are quite handy. This is feet/inches, not metric, and is 36" long.

There is something very nice about the way these feel. Maybe it's not having the weight/cumbersome-ness of the tape measure, especially when measuring boards. Or maybe it's how boxwood and brass feel together.

Ideal for quick guestimates. A few advantages over a tape measure: you can use one-handed, and for some hard-to-reach areas, like above your head, they stay rigid and are easier to use. Plus you can use it semi-fold-up to sight/determine angles. But if just measuring for highly accurate to the 32nd of an inch, a tape measure is going to be better.

Try it. You'll like it.

Made in Holland

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Norman Grenell
Folding Rule

Excellent quality and fit's apron pockets so I'm not always trying to find where I laid it.

Randall Rozier
Great tool

Very easy to read very solid made

Pat C

Meh quality. My old Lufkin folder is much better made.

Robert Stein
blast from the past

How many things can you buy from Holland?
Despite one of the comments below it is 3’ not 6’ when operand 9” folded.

igor dumbadze

Basic product;. Works ok

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