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Designed by Philip C. Bolger.

This exquisite launch leaves little wake at five knots. Her plans show both cold-molded and plank-on-frame construction.

LOA - 23'
LWL - 20' 9"
Beam - 6'
Draft - 1' 10"
Displ. 2,700 lbs.
Construction: Cold-Molded or Carvel planked over steamed frames.
Skill level: Advanced.
Lofting is required.
Plans include 5 sheets.



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Jim Hausch
Some additional specs would be nice

It would be nice if the study plan revealed a few more specs. I'd like to build an electric version. Knowing the approximate empty weight range, weight of engine in the design, and weight at the various waterline marks would be wonderful.

You'll see the displacement actually listed on the study plans. Bolger did not spec a particular engine, but instead a range of 10-15hp. That's foresight on Bolger's part, given that engine mfg come and go. So, looking on-line, a Yanmar 10hp is about 160lbs. Hope that helps.

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