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"The heavens are a fairyland, filled with marvels, to anyone who opens his mind and spirit to them; facts are often as inspiring as fancies and what one sees aloft in the skies is as real as anything to be experienced on earth." How can you not love a book with this kind of an outlook?

It is indeed a wonderful book, in part because it explains weather and weather forecasting in a simple, elegant, and humorous way. And at this price, you'll want to consider getting more than one as you're either going to lend (and lose) your copy, or realize you'll want to give this to family and friends. As Sloane points out, this book was the result of an article in The Rudder as sailors wanted to be weather-wise. And Flying Magazine wanted the book to also be relevant to their readers because they have to be weather-wise.



  • The human side of weather
  • The Anatomy of Air
  • Air has weight
  • Isobars
  • Weather is a Circular Affair
  • Fronts and Masses
  • The Warm Front
  • The Cold Front
  • The Line Squall
  • The Weather Map
  • About Winds
  • The World of Clouds
  • Winds that do no good
  • Atmospheric Antics

    And, thanks to Charlie N. for the link to the Eric Sloane Museum.

    by Eric Sloane

    90 pp., softcover
    8 1/2 x11


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    Barnacle Bill
    Is it Whether or Weather

    This little book is a big surprise. It covers lots of topics, with lots of data and lots of comprehension. It is really presented well and isi a real fun read.

    Thomas Farrell
    Eric Sloane's Weather Book

    Just what I wanted and needed to help me decipher my local weather patterns whether I am on land or at sea. Spot on with great illustrations and explanations.
    To paraphrase the late Tip O'Neal, "All weather is local."

    Richard Mazinski
    Great Book

    Easy to understand the basic principles of weather. Nice to look at the sky and have an idea of what’s going to come about, weather wise. Great Book!

    Richard Klohmann
    Eric Sloane, Teacher, Philosopher

    Many years have passed since I first viewed Sloane's art in the Grand Central Galleries, NYC. The Weather Book, should be everybody's weather primer; easily understood, as are his beautiful paintings.

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