Drift Boats & River Dories

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by Roger Fletcher

Illustrations by Sam Manning

Divided into four sections, the first 100 pages gives you the history/evolution of the type. The next section is on building, then how to make models, and the final section is lines for 8 different drift boats.

Sections two and four include many illustrations by the talented SAM MANNING. That alone is worth the price of the book.

If you have been a fan of this boat-type from the Pacific Northwest, this book will fill you in on all the details, including measurements so you can build from the information provided.

Table of Contents:

  • Part 1: Eddies of Evolution:The Boats Spawning Grounds
  • Part 2: How to Build a Drift Boat
  • Part 3: Modeling the Free-Form Way
  • Part 4: The Boats Lines
  • Epilogue:Lessons on Handling a Drift Boat

    304 pp., softcover

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    Great book about drift boats and building them

    Explains the history of drift boats through their prominent builders and design changes. The second half of the book contains instructions how to build a boat with great drawings that describe many pieces of information a novice would overlook or not think about related to woodworking and boatbuilding. Contains plans of many boat designs. Reading this book makes me want to get out on the water with my 20-year old wood drift boat and build a new dory from scratch this winter.

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