DN Iceboat Model Kit

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Readers of WoodenBoat will be familiar with this ice boat, designated the "DN" for the Detroit News sponsored competition in the 1930s. The newspaper opened it's extensive workshop to builders. See WB #32 for more.

This is considered a "static" model, although we bet some folks will indeed race it. Perhaps a bit of weight in the cockpit to simulate the "driver". Not designed for remote control.

Constructed of mahogany and birch plywood and covered with mahogany veneer. Kit includes sails and all rigging material. 

Length 19-1/2"
Beam 10-1/2"
Height 22-1/2"

Skill Level = 1

Skill levels are:
1 = beginner
2 = intermediate
3 = advanced

If you'd like a better understanding of just what you are getting yourself in for, click: INSTRUCTIONS.  

You'll supply paint, and simple household tools:

Razor / X-acto knife, razor saw, small files, ruler, wood glue, super glue, Course, Medium, and Fine grit sandpaper, small paint brush, masking tape, 3/32" 1/16", #60, #58, #56 drill bits, needle, thread, pliers and cutting pliers, pins, clothespins for clamps.


Customer Reviews

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Ed Thieler
DN ice yacht

good materials and instructions - going together very nicely so far.
i'm building it in a small apartment.
thoughtful to have wood and metal options for those of us without metal working tools.
it is disappointing that it is not in a standard scale for those of us that enjoy making things as close to specs as possible.

thanks for the opportunity.


lloyd schultz
Iceboat kit

Excellent die cutting, great instructions, plans, building manual. Unusual subject I bought to learn how iceboats go together and work. Good educational project. I now feel like I understand how it all works, what pieces are used, how they go together. Always wanted to know...

Wiilliam Carlson

My father built a DN in the 60s. We raced it in the 60s on lake Geneva, Wis. Wznted some memories. Fun kit to build.

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