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During World War II, Crash Boats were specifically designed as rescue boats. Seventeen feet shorter than PT boats, the 63' Crash Boats were considered handsome, and nimble, and fast. This is the story of one of the most decorated Crash Boats of the South Pacific, Sea Horse and her crew.

Wartime memories are often action-packed and full of "derring-do." This one is different—in a good way. It is the story of a group of brothers and their challenging life in a war zone aboard a small wooden vessel. The Skipper reminisces about the crew's interactions with indigenous populations and provides wonderful insight into the nuances that need to be addressed when very different cultures must deal with each other under difficult circumstances. —Al Ross, co-author of Allied Coastal Forces

Crash Boat is an amazing blend of the Greatest Generation learning about the South Pacific overlaid with international politics and a brutal war. The writing is seamless, with the reader drawn in on page one. Stand by to be a couch potato—you won't be disappointed. —John J. Gobbell, author of the Todd Ingram Series


by Earl A McCandlish and George D. Jepson

hardcover 248 pp., 6-1/4 x 9-1/2"

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Richard Wagner

Great book

Gordon Pollock

Very interesting. Great book because I know the area.

Lauren Williams
A great story

Well written and in depth story with feeling and a sense of reality under stress. A story of service well done in stressful times. Just living in close proximity with that much high test aviation fuel amazes me, and they survived!

Crash Boat

Great stories of what the guys went through during WWII on Crash Boat P-399. I like the short chapters so I can read a little bit at a time as I'm not a big reader and get distracted easily.

Julie Knapp
Loved it

Got one for my husband and father. They both thoroughly enjoyed it!

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