Catspaw Dinghy Lines Model

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By completing this lines model, the next time you look at a set of drawings, like study plans, you'll be able to make sense of what you are viewing, and "see" the boat in three dimensions.

Understanding the lines of boats is a challenging task for many individuals who have not worked directly with the geometry of boat design and construction. This paper model has been designed to provide a clear understanding of the relationships between the various geometric planes, and how, in sum, they contribute to the ultimate grace and beauty of the designed shape of the boat or yacht. To put together this Lines Model is to understand completely where each line fits in the design of the hull.

The download is one file, with three pages, which have the instructions and the drawings which you cut-out. Included are the profile, the sections (station molds), a waterline plane, a buttock line plane, and a diagonal line plane. The line plan itself shows a full compliment of lines representing these planes, but for the sake of clarity, we've included only one representative plane for each of the lines. The additional pieces for the model are there to enhance your understanding of the finished piece. You may want to use an adhesive (spray adhesive works well) to attach the printed out paper, to thin cardboard, to stiffen the pieces before you cut them out and assemble.


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Based on 4 reviews
Lynda Anderson
Childs boat

We just love our little boat, very well made.

Very very good

Finishing it right should be good.

Jack Welsh

Catspaw Dinghy Lines Model

Ken Landry


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