12" Combo Angle Gauge & Center Rule

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This handy combo rule is an accurate angle gauge (sometimes referred to as a bevel board) and a 12" center finding rule.  Made of black anodized aluminum , you'll find lots of uses for it around the boat shop.

  • Angle gauge side features a scale from 0° to 50°  in whole and 1/2° marks
  • Ruler side features a center finding rule on top in 32nds and a standard rule in 16ths in the bottom
  • 3" rule on short end
  • total size: 12.5" x 3"

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Donald Dewees
Useful tool

The center-finding rule and the angle gauge are not tools we use every day, but either is called for this tool does the job nicely. It is big enough and etched clearly enough for older eyes to see, and even has the heft to feel good in the hand. Much better than others I have.

Carl Merino
Great tool!

This rule is perfect. I have a larger center rule, but this one is the one I use much more often.

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