A Genius at His Trade

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Subtitled C. Raymond Hunt and His Remarkable Boats

Foreword by Llewellyn Howland III
This is the story of a supremely gifted sailor who became one of the 20th century's most innovative designers of both sail and powerboats. Today, the name C. Raymond Hunt remains synonymous with some of the most popular boats ever created. They include the classic Concordia yawls and sloops, the original Boston Whaler, the pioneering 1960 Miami-Nassau race-winner Moppie, and the production Bertram 25 and 31 Sportfisherman, 110s and 210s, among others.

Those who sailed with Ray Hunt never forgot his special touch on the helm or his uncanny ability to predict wind behavior. Designers still marvel at his new ideas for powerboats and for sailboats in a variety of competitive classes. While the original 13-foot Boston Whaler pioneered a new market clamoring for versatile, safe, small boats, the deep-V hull revolutionized expectations of speed and seaworthiness." A Genius at His Trade" not only presents the story of Hunt's boats but also explores the man himself. This biography gives readers a moving portrait of Ray Hunt as son, husband, and father. It's a book that any lover of boats, whether sail or power, will find fascinating.

From Stan's intro: " Hunt was an idea man. He saw things, dreamed of things, drew things, built things that none of his contemporaries ever did. Woven into Ray Hunt's every fiber was an instinctive design sense that relied not at all on formal training or study. It grew from his particular genius."

Table of Contents:

  • Duxbury
  • Cats, Bugs, Ducks, and Pilgrims
  • Whiz Kid
  • II Beacon Street
  • Concordia
  • Big Wins and a Very Close Loss
  • "The Textile Business"
  • A Cup and a Classic for All Time
  • "Hunt's Braine Child"
  • Settting Up Shop
  • Marblehead
  • "Something Intangible Happened"
  • The Sensation of Cowes
  • A Broken Shackle and a Stolen Tie
  • The Whaler and Easterner
  • "A Wide White Road"
  • "One of Us Must Be Crazy"
  • Downwind Home

    by Stan Grayson
    304 pgs softcover 8.5 x 10

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    David James

    I have always admired the boats that Ray Hunt designed. I was mostly familiar with the Concordia yawl, the Boston Whaler, and the Bertram 31. I had forgotten about the 110, 210 and so many others. Oh, and I had no idea that he had such an amazing racing record. This is a really informative book and a really easy read.

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