9'6" Nutshell Pram

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Glued-lap plywood rowing or sailing tender with plenty of capacity.

Designed by Joel White

LOA - 9' 6"
LWL - 7' 10"
Beam - 4' 4"
Draft (cb up) - 5"
(cb down) - 1' 11"
Weight about 100 lbs.
Sail Area : 55 sq. ft.
Construction: Glued lapstrake plywood

Skill level: Basic

No lofting required, as full sized mold patterns are included. Also, you can ensure symmetry of the molds by simply using half the mold and then flopping the drawing to create the full mold. 

Plans include 5 sheets, plus 3 pages of additional notes from the designer.

See #606-001 for some very nice rudder hardware that fits this boat.

Click here for: MATERIALS LIST.


If ordering Digital plan sets: These files are in PDF format.  Some designs will have just a single page needed to be printed on large paper... typically if they had full-sized mold patterns. Other pages could be printed on letter or tabloid size paper, if you want to save printing costs. You'll see a measurement on pages that have full-sized drawings, so your local print shop will just need to print to that size.

And, if you are ordering the Digital plans, you can also order the How-to book as a PDF (see below). 


“Your downloads are ready” will be the subject line of an email you’ll receive from us—once we’ve processed your digital order. That email has the link to click, so you can then download the file.

This isn't an "instant" process, so if we're asleep, you may need to wait for regular business hours for us to process the order. Although we are quite timely, we may not be processing on weekends & holidays. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Thomas Wolfe
Everything I expected!

The plans are very well drawn and with good notes, together with the companion build book I look forward to building my FIRST boat

John Svenningsen

9'6" Nutshell Pram

Kevin Sable

9'6" Nutshell Pram


Plans are as advertised. Make your life easier and spring for the DVD which goes a good job of detailing how the parts come together.

Ralph Coffill

Plans look great.

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