16' Quattro Catamaran

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High performance beach cat which is striking to look at and exciting to sail. Well-detailed plans of the hulls which are  simple and rugged stitch-and-glue plywood. Spars are detailed in the supplemental drawings... and are aluminum. Tramps are shown with measured drawings, but sails are drawn with basic luff, leach, and foot measurements, and approximate sail area. Panel dimensions are not specified, so you'll want to use a professional sailmaker. 

Designed by Richard & Lillian Woods

LOA - 16' 5"
LWL - 15' 9"
Beam - 8'
Draft - 10"
Weight - about 300 lbs.
Sail Area - 205 sq. ft.
Construction: Stitch-and-glue plywood over bulkhead frames
No lofting is required
Skill level: Basic
Plans include 2 sheets, plus 19 pages of additional notes from the designer.

Click MATERIALS list to see basic materials needed.


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Stephen Hinton
The Quattro 16

I expect to be able to build Quattro 16 hulls without difficulty with these plans and accompanying documentation. The manual and instructions provide enough information to be able to manufacture and assemble the metalwork spars and mast as well as the rigging. The Woodenboat Store staff was immensely helpful in guiding me to these instructions. I have tried to contact Richard Woods through his website and phone called his business in England requesting return communication to no avail, The home builder, I suspect therefore, will have to improvise some of their own solutions to problems as they encounter them, no surprise if you have built before from plans. If it were not for inability to contact knowledgeable staff at Wood's office to discuss questions, I would have rated the plans and instructions, along with the corrections and updates which ARE AVAILABLE at Wood's website, a 5 star achievement, but 4 stars will have to do.

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