Issue #279 March/April 2021

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March/April 2021


  • Building a Classically Inspired Ship’s Wheel — Function rises to the level of art by Bob Fuller
  • The Levant 15 — A Herreshoff classic, updated by Matthew P. Murphy
  • The Cat Men of Quincy — The Rise and Decline of the D Class by Stan Grayson
  • It Takes a Village — One town’s enduring embrace of a 19′ Norwegian double-ender by Dieter Loibner
  • A Fast Cat for Islesboro — An economical Maine island commuter by Benjamin Neal
  • First Light’s Lapstrake Series — Classically inspired semi-custom powerboats by Tyler Fields
  • Spray Rails — Keeping the water out where it belongs by Tad Roberts
  • Aboard: Outlier — A Spirit of Tradition sloop by Chris Museler
  • Getting Started in Boats: Making Holes Unplugged — Tear-out supplement by Jan Adkins

Cover: GRAYLING, believed to have been built in 1898 by Wilton Crosby, is a rare survivor of the D-class fleet of racing catboats that sailed in Massachusetts around the turn of last century. She hails today from Southport Island, Maine. Photograph by Robert Mitchell


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Paul Santone Sr
Ship Wheel

The issue had an article about ship wheel building. It was very informative. I'm in the process of building a small ship wheel. 2'. It will be for display only.

Jesús Sánchez Marín

Issue #279 March/April 2021

Ola Thor


sam keirn

Issue #279 March/April 2021

katherine nora

love themag esp the Tyler Fields article on First Light Boats (I’m one of their moms :)

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