Wool Watch Cap

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Color: Dark Red Logo
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Very traditional black knit cap, 100% wool, will keep your head warm even if you're not pulling that 3am watch. 

One size fits just about everybody. Choose from a Dark Red or Ivory embroidered logo.  Select the color logo, before adding to cart. 

Made in the US, to Dept of Defense specs.

100% wool, do not machine wash unless you have a very small head. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Jeffrey Silva
You've seen that "One Size Fits MOST" line ...

I'm the guy they had to change the ALL to MOST for. I have a big head (physically). This hat actually fits ... with fabric to spare. It covers my ears, and stays there. It's warm, looks great, and is now my go-to hat for moderate cold weather, which is most of the time. Great price and an attractive logo that does not detract from the overall simplicity.

Ilan SHapiro
Excelllent warm cap

This is my second' first was stolen. Very warm and comfortable. Sharp with the longboat logo. Also found on the tag that it meets defense department specs. Terrific cap all around

will House
A 5 star cap

I am loving this watch cap - nicely made of wool, soft and warm. I don’t wear anything with advertising, statements or recognizable logo’s but the WoodenBoat logo is really cool.

Kristine Barna
Great Wool Cap!

It is so hard to find real wool caps! This one is real wool and warm and at a fair price. The best!

Paul Yergens
Like it but haven’t used it yet.

Looking forward to wearing it in Norway this month!

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