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Tugboats seem to really "do it" for a lot of folks. This book is packed with photos and drawings, and traces the evolution, design, and role of tugboats, ranging from the first steam-powered tug to today's hyper-specialized offshore workboats.

If you want to learn a lot about tugboats, this is your book. The author uses photographs, lots of drawings, and diagrams to show the development of these workboats. Whether making impossible turns in small spaces, crashing through huge swells, pushing or pulling or prodding or coaxing or escorting, we come to understand not only what tugs do, but how physics and engineering allow them to do it.

by Paul Farrell
hardcover, 192 pp
large format, 12" x 10-3/4"

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William C Marsh
Quick Read on Tug Boats

I grew up on Puget Sound, I'm 71 so I have seen the Old single screw Tugs morf into the newer generation of Super Tug's. Because there wasn't a way to see the picture's of this book prior to buying it was a gamble, its good, but I was hoping to see the old wood blueprints of the Tugs from the early days, why they built them the way they did, and read some stories from some of the old salts if that was possible, I have watched tugs crash when they lost power, the single screw Tugs really went into panic mode. The Captains & crew of these old single screw Tug's are the Old Salts, without there stories this book left out a big piece of history for the reader's.

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