Tricks, Cheating, and Chingaderos

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More due mid-October.

Many years of experience are on-tap in Joni's book.  It's full of product information, safety tips, time-saving strategies and useful advice for working efficiently as a 'commercial paced' finisher on small projects alone or bigger projects with a crew.

Chap 1: Misc Products and How I Use Them

Chap 2: Caulkings and Fillers

Chap 3: Stripping Paint & Varnish

Chap 4: Staining

Chap 5: Bleaching Out Stains

Chap 6: Brushes

Chap 7: Finishes and How I Use Them

Chap 8: Sanding

Chap 9: Weather

Chap 10: Good Work Habits & Safety

Chap 11: Basic Tools for Most Jobs

Appendix: A Work Time Example

by Joni Blanchard

softcover, 102 pp

8-1/2 x 11"

...also, we have her piece from Professional BoatBuilder magazine #188, TASK SHEET section here. Tip: double click the image, and it "pops out" and you can then hit a right arrow on screen to change to the next page. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
This book is a big help!!

For those of us OCD about our final step in a project, this will definitely help your varnishing efforts. It’s easy to read, put it down and pick it up again never loosing interest. This will help anyone regardless of skill level.

James Sandison

This booklet would be greatly improved with a number of pictures describing some of the techniques. Just pictures of rope work to sell does not add to the booklet

Robert C Phelps

The items I ordered arrived in perfect shape
In 3 or 4 day from start to finish
The book is great

Tim Lemon
Fantastic resource!

Not the basics, but should be required reading for any aspiring finisher or pro boatbuilder. Definitely a multiple read reference text.

John Kime

Poorly done!

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