Maritime Life and Traditions #33

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America's Unknown Service 1938-58
In the histories of World War II, little is mentioned of the US Maritime Service, which trained mariners to crew the 'Bridge of Ships'. The service recuited some quarter of a million people, and yet faded into obscurity to become 'America's Unknown Service'.
Francis J. Duffy

The Slopemasts - A History of Lochfyne Skiffs: Sailing Fishing Boats of Clyde
Over a century ago, hundreds of Lochfyne skiffs were the backbone of the west of Scotland's vast herring fleet. The author looks back at a unique fishing boat.
Mike Smylie

Freaks and Forerunners - Early devices for Saving Life from Shipwreck
The first attempts to produce life-saving devices date back to the end of the eighteenth century. Some of the inventions were extravagant, some dangerous, but all benefit today's seafarers.
Clayton Evans.

Royal Cork Yacht Club
In the 1660s sailing for pleasure started to gain popularity in Britain. In Ireland interest in the sport progressed so much that by 1720 the Water Club of the Harbour of Cork was established. Today the club is known as the Royal Cork Yacht Club and is the oldest in the world.
Alicia St Leger

Klondike Gold - A Thousand Miles From Anywhere
The Klondike gold rush began in 1897 when two ships docked in San Francisco and Seattle with gold-rich miners. Within months gold-seekers were setting off for the Yukon by sea - the easiest but also the most expensive route.
Jevne Haugan

The Royal Barge Procession - For the Honour of All
The fleet of royal barges in one of Bangkok's most fascinating sights. In 2006 a grand procession was held to celebrate the sixtieth anniversary of the king's accession to the Thai throne.
Alan Haig Brown




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