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At the hog slaughtering plants, they claim to use "everything but the squeal". Not sure if the "moo" is part of the cowhide crowd lingo, but we are doing our best to not be wasteful, and we think you'll be MORE than pleased to get an excellent price on various bits of this high quality 5-7 oz leather. Use it for hinges, chafe protection, reinforcement in canvas and sailmaking and wrapping tool handles, finished ends for your gunwale guard, punch out buttons--this list can go on and on.

We are offering it by the pound while supplies last. And, while we do hand-select so there are some decent sized pieces in each pack, it comes with a disclaimer: The pieces are miscellaneous in shape and size and can have imperfections due to brands, holes, wrinkles, etc. Your set will not look like the pieces in the photo unless you happen to get those exact pieces--of which there is only one set. We do not guarantee that you will get any exact size (buy the oar leather kit if you want to be certain of size). But we're pretty sure you'll be pleased to have it around, for the boat and for the shop. It's great leather.

Leather ought to be treated. Tom Montgomery has a great article in WB #68 where he talks about using lanolin (easily available from the drug store) straight on the leather or cutting it with linseed or olive oils, as well as using mink oil, saddle soap and others. He reminds us to coat your leather regularly, AND if for example, you're leathering oars, to not coat until after they are done (avoids working with slippery leather).

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Sean McGivney
Better than expected.

I bought 2x on sale at $10 each. Well worth it. They're cut-offs, just like the description. I got some with holes, at least one obvious wrinkle/"thin spot" through a larger piece, and some odd cuts and small pieces; I haven't found any branded pieces. BUT! everything is similar in color (I received, almost exclusively, a nice, rich oxblood) and thickness. I received more than expected, and more large pieces than I thought I would.

For reference, I was hoping to get enough good bits for my $20 to make a sheath for a fixed blade rigging knife, with at least a loop for a marlinspike (plus maybe some reinforcement / misc. tiny pieces). This is really more-than-plenty, for that plus a couple other projects. I don't need any more, but I like the material so much, I might order some just because.

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