Issue #246 Sept/Oct 2015

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Sept/Oct 2015

  • How I Build a Boat - Finding beauty in simplicity by Willits Ansel
  • The Rebirth of Skuutje WR60 - The rescue of an 1840 Dutch herring boat by Tjeerdo Wieberdink and Kees Hos
  • Seamarks: Three Pivotal Designs by L. Francis Herreshoff - Part Three: The WHIRLWIND Debacle by Roger C. Taylor
  • The Case for the Gaff Vang - An important line missing on most gaff rigs by David Soule
  • Runabout Restoration - New life for a varnished classic: Part 1 by Paul Brackley
  • A Sound Boat and Simple Living - Reflections on 10 years of voyaging on a traditional wooden boat by Bruce Halabisky
  • Technology in the Boatshop - The state of the art by Brendan Riorden

    Getting Started in Boats: -A Small Outboard Motor Primer- Tear-out supplement by Jan Adkins

    Cover: VIXEN reached Hawaii in 2015 to "close the circle" on a 10- year circumnavigation by author Bruce Halabisky and Tiffany Loney, who had two daughters en route. The 34' gaff cutter designed by William and John Atkin, he writes, was ideally suited to the voyage. Photograph by Jay Johnson.




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