Issue #245 July/Aug 2015

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July/August 2015


  • Seamarks: Three Pivotal Designs by L. Francis Herreshoff - Part Two: YANKEE and LIVE YANKEE, Two remarkable R-boats by Roger C. Taylor
  • Fairliner Torpedo Redux - Runabout restoration on the layaway plan by Lawrence W. Cheek
  • Metal Fabrication in the Woodshop - Make your own bronze chart dividers by Erica Moody
  • The Spidsgatter PAX - Restoring a 1936 Danish double-ender-and reconstructing her history by Kaci Cronkhite
  • Aboard RAMBLER - A Muskoka Lakes yacht from another era by Tim Du Vernet
  • Rigging and Tuning a Wooden Boat - The hull and rig in harmony by Brion Toss
  • A Wide White Road - C. Raymond Hunt and the development of the deep-V hull by Stan Grayson

    Cover: Meticulously restored in Gig Harbor, Washington, the 17' NO KA 'OI is one of 32 Fairliner Torpedos built between 1947 and 1953 at Western Boat Building Company in Tacoma.Photograph by Greg Gilbert.

    Getting Started in Boats: An Inboard Primer - Tear-out supplement by Jan Adkins




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