Boatbuilding Down East

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Written by Royal Lowell, it features many of his lobsterboat designs, and is truly a builder's guide for traditional lobsterboats.

Well illustrated, the book includes lines for several boats (no offsets) including a 36-foot lobsterboat, a 32-foot sport cruiser, and a 26-foot sport fisherman. If you too have fallen in love with the lines of lobsterboats, you will be especially pleased to have this book, as there is so little published on the type. The book content is succinctly put into perspective for us in the foreword, written by noted marine historian Maynard Bray.

This edition is true to the original book, although there is the addition of listing of all of Royal Lowell's designs. We didn't think you'd mind the extra information.

Cover artwork is an acrylic by noted marine artist R.B. Dance. He is known for his painstakingly accurate painting, especially when it comes to lobsterboats. To see more of Mr. Dance's work, visit his site:


  • Mold and Pattern Making
  • The Foudation
  • Setting Up
  • Framing
  • Planking
  • Deck Frame
  • Interior Framing
  • Finishing the Hull
  • Decking, Guards, and Rails
  • Deck and Cabin Joinery
  • Interior Joinery
  • Plumbing and Mechanical
  • Appendix includes Tools, Glossary, Designs

    by Royal Lowell
    foreword by Maynard Bray
    190 pp., hardcover
    9 x 11"

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    Ira Kleinrock

    Boatbuilding Down East

    Mona Ruckert
    Boatbuilding Down East

    A wonderful companion for anyone who is lucky enough to own a “Downeaster” or has a passion for these hard working classic boats! We are lucky to have a boat designed by the author Royal Lowell.

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