Boat Modeling - Dynamite Payson

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Step-by-step instruction, illustrated, beginning with the basics and working toward advanced hull shapes and techniques by a gentleman who knows his stuff.

Table of Contents:

  • Building the Maine Lobsterboat
  • 12 - Foot Fisherman's Skiff
  • The Gloucester Light Dory
  • Bobcat - An Instant Catboat
  • Cartopper
  • The Peapod
  • The Friendship Sloop Amy R. Payson

    by Harold "Dynamite" Payson (1928-2011)
    182 pp., softcover

    For a bit of flavor of the book, here's a bit where Dynamite talks about scaling from plans:
    Because most of the boats in this book are built from full-size boat plans, the dimensions are given first for the full-size boat. In the text, I give that same dimension then (in parenthesis) the dimension for a 1-1/2 inches-to-the-foot model. Because many of these are such improbably accurate dimensions as 17/64, you'll probably find it easier to use an architects's scale rule.

    For instance, I mentioned using a 1/4- by 1/4-inch stick for this skiff's stem. We get his measurement from the plans, where the stem measures 1-3/4 inches by 1-7/8 inches on the full-size boat, by using an architect's scale rule on its 1-1/2 inches equals 1 foot scale. Like a computer, the architect's rule automatically converts real inches to scale inches (as long as you remember to use the correct scale), with absolutely no mental gynastics on your part. This makes it easy to build a model to any scale from any plans for which dimensions are given. Just roll the rule over to another scale, and build away. It's all really quite simple; just thinkng about it will keep you from nodding off in your chair, and may even help ward off early senility.



    If you should follow the book to its conclusion, building each model as it is discussed, by the end you will have a foundation in many of the techniques used by the pros.
    --Peter Spectre, in WB #95
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    Freneau Surguine

    Great stuff. He was amazing

    Martin Jones

    Boat Modeling - Dynamite Payson

    Leonard Walstad
    Great looking book

    This is a gift, so I haven’t used it. But it appears to be a great book.

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