28' Canoe Yawl, Rozinante

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by L.F. Herreshoff
Modifications by D.N. Hylan

This hypnotically striking canoe yawl ranks among the most admired designs of our time.

LOA - 28'
LWL - 24'
Beam - 6' 4"
Draft - 3' 9"
Displ. - 6,611 lbs.
Sail Area:
Ketch - 348 sq. ft.
Yawl - 352 sq. ft.
Construction: Carvel-planked over steam-bent frames
Lofting is required
Skill level: Advanced
Plans include 9 sheets, plus 5 pages of additional notes from the designer.

Rozinante is covered from pages 500 to 518 in the book L. Francis Herreshoff VOL 2 (see below), and includes several nicely reproduced drawings including sail plan changes. But it's also a charming read. From page 518:

"On one overnight run Down Set to Tenants Harbor, Maine, from Marblehead, Brendze found himself, during the long night watch, among a pod of whales. Luckily, he didn't bump into any. When he related the experience to Skipper, Francis said if it happened again, he should warn the leviathans of his presence by lifting a floorboard and tapping on a keel boat with a penny. Common sense.

Brendze often felt Skipper's presence on board his Rozinante. When the boat drew admiring attention, Brendze found it hard to say thank you, because he didn't really feel it was his boat. Skipper said, "Oh, you have my permission.""


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