100 Boat Designs Reviewed

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Design Commentaries by the Experts

With this book in hand, you will hold the collective wisdom of the ages. Or at least the wisdom of the experts. A mountain of information has been culled from the best boat design reviews from WoodenBoat magazine. You'll spend hours pouring over a variety of boats, from rowing craft to powerboats, daysailers to cruising boats.

The reviews are comprehensive and thorough. No once-over-lightly here. There is an analysis of the lines, construction plan, accommodation plan, plus recommendations for improvements. The scope of work includes designs by John Alden, Joel White, Henry Scheel, Howard Chapelle, S.S. Crocker, and many others. This is a wonderful book for boat dreamers. Study these plans, read these commentaries, go sailing in your mind.

Table of Contents:

  • Reading the Drawings
  • Nesting Dinghies
  • Simple and Able Touring Kayaks
  • A Strip-Planked Touring Kayak
  • Two Sea Kayaks
  • Two Double-Paddle Canoes
  • A Sailing Canoe
  • Two Daysailers, Chesapeake Fashion
  • Schooner and Flashboat
  • Two Chesapeake Skiffs
  • A Rowing and Sailing Skiff
  • A Lapstrake Open Boat
  • A Sloop Boat
  • A Beach-Cruising Yawl
  • An Interclub Racing Dory
  • An Experimental Daysailer
  • Three Knockabouts
  • An Ultralight Cruiser
  • Two Small Cruisers
  • A Simple Pocket Cruiser
  • A Little Sloop
  • A Double-Ended Sloop
  • Two Plywood Pocket Cruisers
  • An Electric Auxiliary Cutter
  • Two Double Enders
  • Two Shoal-Draft Yawls
  • A Keel/Centerboard Sloop
  • A Pilothouse Sloop
  • Three Concordia Cruisers
  • A Double-Ended Sloop
  • A Shoal-Draft Plywood Ketch
  • A New Old Fashioned Yawl
  • Two Chesapeake-Style Deadrise Yachts
  • A Sloop or a Yawl
  • A Keel/ Centerboard Sloop
  • A Chesapeake Skipjack
  • A Cutter and a Sloop with Regional Roots
  • A Scottish Yawl
  • A Scandinavian-Inspired Cutter
  • A Designer's Choice
  • A Stout Cruising Ketch
  • A Cold-Moulded Cutter
  • A High-Performance Cruising Sloop
  • A Modern Traditional Yawl
  • A Fast and Able Cruising Schooner
  • A Pilothouse Cutter
  • A Cutter of the Colin Archer Type
  • A Masthead Yawl
  • A Shoal-Draft Ketch
  • A Big, Fast, Modern Cutter
  • A Modified Pungy
  • A Heavy Cogge Ketch
  • Two Cruising Ketches
  • A Canoe-Sterned Sloop and Her Daughter
  • A Fast Cruising Sloop
  • Three Simple Skiffs for Oar and Outboard
  • Two Outboard-Powered Garveys
  • Two Low-Powered Inboard Skiffs
  • Three Plywood Composite Outboard Skiffs
  • Four Classic Outboard Cruisers
  • A Displacement Launch
  • A Sheet-Plywood Lobster Skiff
  • A Stretched Lobster Skiff
  • A Seaworthy Double-Ended Powerboat
  • A Traditional Lobsterboat
  • A Modern Maine Picnic Boat
  • A Troller-Cruiser
  • Two Plywood Cruising Houseboats
  • A Motor Cruiser with Workboat Character
  • A Tunnel-Sterned Motor Cruiser
  • Two Seagoing Powerboats
  • A Deep-V Power Cruiser
  • A Swordfisherman
  • Two Striking Power Yachts

    Part of The WoodenBoat Series, this book is a compilation of articles that have appeared in WoodenBoat magazine.

    edited by Peter Spectre
    264 pp., softcover
    9 x 11"
    ISBN # 0-937822-44-2

  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Steven Anderson
    Title is fine

    I’m enjoying the book. But was a bit dismayed at the review of the Martha Jane. I wrote an article for the small Boat issue and know the boat well. The boat was described as being self-righting. It isn’t. I built Martha Jane to the original plans. She capsized and turned turtle. Mr Bolger revisited his design and decided it was not acceptable. He provided upgraded plans which doubled the ballast, added sponsons and a “high house.” The redesigned boat was vastly improved and self-righting. Your review of the design missed those very important details.

    David Pierce
    Wonderful book

    If you like boats, you will like this book. Many different designs reviewed.

    John Adams
    A book to treasure and pas along!

    The book gave me and my brother in law some choices to try our hands out at building. Just what I was looking, a variety of wooden boats!

    Paul M.
    Good, but some shortcomings

    I purchased the book as it was discounted 36% and it seemed like it would be interesting. I received my money's worth. I'm a naval architect who build boats as a hobby, and a wooden boat owner, so admittedly I'm biased in my views. What I liked about the book was the wide variety of boats and the personal stories related to many of the designs by the reviewers. I particularly liked when the reviewers identified if the design was actually built and what changes were made after launching. Less useful were the occasional opinions not accompanied by justification (e.g., "this is better than that", but not clarifying if it was better 100% of the time, or just in that reviewer's own experience and situation). The book's biggest weakness is the figures editing. Almost every figure should have been larger to fill the page width and height, some should have been rotated to landscape and most needed higher resolution as labels and lines were often blurred and unreadable. That was particularly frustrating when I was looking for something a reviewer commented about. Although I plan to pass it on to others, I do hope a follow-on volume covering the boats reviewed in the 25 years since it was published will become available.

    Ugo Polla

    It was not of the high quality of previous similar publications, " Thirty, Forty, Fifty Wooden Boats" The quality of printing the lines drawings as well as quality f paper was disappointing. That the lines drawings were not sharp and crisp distracting from enjoyment of the presentation.

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