Please note:  For waxed canvas items do not machine wash or dry, dry clean, iron, use hot water, or use detergent or bleach.



Supplies Needed: Rag, Water

1. Brush off any loose dirt or other debris.
2. Use a damp rag and gently scrub the spot needing cleaned.
3. Air Dry.



Supplies Needed: Castile Soap, Water, Scrub Brush

1. Brush off any loose dirt or other debris.
2. Mix liquid castile soap and cold water.
3. Use a brush to scrub the canvas using the soapy water.
4. Rinse canvas with cold water.
5. Air Dry.


Although you may never need to re-wax your canvas (it really can last a long time), here's the run-down:   

Supplies Needed: Fabric Wax, Rag, Heat Gun or Blow Dryer

1. Use a fabric wax that is made for this purpose, such as Otter Wax or Martexin Wax.
2. Lay product on a flat surface that won’t be damaged by wax.
3. Apply an even coating of wax to the canvas using a rag.
4. Apply heat using a heat gun or blow dryer to the canvas to let the wax soak in.