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Group: Set A: WB 1-75
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Download groups of back issues of WoodenBoat magazine.

These are PDF files, identical to the originals, and zipped into groups. You download, upzip (double-click the file), and then you have them on your local drive. We suggest you make a back-up. 

The collection is pretty large, so we've split it into four sections, each is over a gigabyte in size. Each section is $35. 

For the downloads, PLEASE BE SURE YOU HAVE A FAST CONNECTION.  Not sure what your download (yes, be sure to look at download, not upload) speed is? Try a site like speedtest.net. If you are downloading to an iPad, make sure you understand where those downloaded files live. They should go into the BOOKS app. But your "mileage" may vary. 

These PDF files are best read with Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is a free program. Using preview or your iPad's iBooks section may scramble content. Yes, there is a free Acrobat reader app for the iPad and iPhone.

Why bother to download when you could buy the stick? You'll be reading the issues within the hour, and you won't have to wait for your postal person to deliver (overseas that could mean weeks) nor will you have to pay any shipping, and who knows if a particular country nicks you for customs/duties with the flash drive version. And, with the flash drive, we're going to tell you to copy the contents to your local drive for faster access AND safety of the files, as flash drives can fail, or get erased. So you might as well download and Subscribe! We only warrant the flash drive for 30 days....

Interested in subscribing? Click DIGI SUB to subscribe. You'll get an email confirmation within the hour. It will have the link so you can log in and start reading. 


“Your downloads are ready” will be the subject line of an email you’ll receive from us—once we’ve processed your digital order. That email has the link to click, so you can then download the file.

This isn't an "instant" process, so if we're asleep, you may need to wait for regular business hours, for us to process the order. Although we are quite timely, we may not be processing on weekends & holidays. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Walter Atkins

WoodenBoat magazine — Download Issues in Groups

Bob Parks

WoodenBoat magazine — Download Issues in Groups

Philip Rowe
Nice To Have Them Back

I started purchasing WB when I was in college in 1984 and, probably like others, would read each issue from cover to cover, ads included. Every few years I found myself pulling my back issues out and spending quality time re-discovering the world of boats. As an aquaculture technician, outdoorsman, and woodworker I have had the pleasure of using, repairing and building many boats in my life.

A cross-country move forced a decision to leave decades of back issues behind. There was simply no room! Too many times since I have recalled boats and articles I wish I could have revisited and so I bought the first two groups of back issues weeks ago. What a great opportunity to have and what a great thing to do! It seems to me to be a new magazine seen through fresh eyes.

I am already looking forward to replacing the next two groups and really excited to fulfill the subscription for new issues! Kudus, WB.....kudus! And thank you!!

Connor White

WoodenBoat magazine — Download Issues in Groups

Ruedi Anneler
digital magazine collection ordered from the archive

great service. this faciltiy allowed me to complete my collection of all magazines that have been printet so far. very good scan quality, interesting insights into the history and and amazing content.

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