WoodenBoat Diner Mug

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Made of vitrified china, and patterned after the classic (and no longer made) "Victor" diner mugs, these may become your favorite cups—they have the right heft and feel when you wrap your hands around them.

The WoodenBoat logo is fired on both sides of the cup. Of course it's a good idea to have more than one mug on hand, so friends can enjoy, too.

Holds 10 oz.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
WIlliam Spates
THE coffee Mug that’ll be there; building a boat

It’s a great MUG. Weight is perfect, handle fits well even with the fat fingers…Get a couple (or more), share a cup of coffee while you’re reviewing your boat progress

Carl Dykstra
Second thought. I enjoyed reading the newspaper that my cup was wrapped in. Please try to choose ...

I got a heavy mug up cup. I grew up on these and fishing boats in Galilee Rhode Island. When I was a little kid, I mostly drink milk out of them. Would get it from the small local grocery store and glass bottles. But I never drink out of the bottle. I always wanted it in a heavy cup. Now it’s my favorite for coffee.

Madison Phelan
Wooden boat mug

Wooden boat is a great company reasonable price and efficient.

Stephen Healy
Coffee cup

Perfect size. A nice mug that holds the heat in the winter. Worth every penny. Nice logo too.

Ron Campbell
Great place

It is always a treat to shop there. My wife and I were students at WBS and slipped away at lunch to replenish our Wooden Boat supplies

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