Understanding Yacht Design*

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by Ian Nicholson
126 pp., softcover

The novice will find this easier to follow than some of the more complex books. You'll better understand what is involved if you want to modify a hull, rig, or layout.


Part 1 - How to Begin

  • Good-looking Craft
  • Getting Started
  • Honing the Specification
  • Sketching the Layout & Appearance
    Part 2 - Designing the Yacht
  • Drawing the Lines
  • Weight & Displacement
  • How Will she Perform?
  • Sail Plan
  • Construction
  • Engines
  • The Cabin or Accommodation Plan
  • The Deck Plan
  • Costing a Design
    Part 3 - Making Alterations to a Design
  • Changing the Sail Plan
  • Designing an Alteration
    Part 4 - To Use Computer Aided Design or Not?
  • Computer Aided Design
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