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This all-cotton White T-shirt sports a big WoodenBoat logo in Green on the front.

And on the back is Jan Adkins' artwork of a multi-colored tree which brings together the letter and spirit of wooden boats and their source. It's a homage to the tree itself and those who revel in its versatility to bend, shape, and mold not only products, but the people—the woodworker, the artists who transform trees into vessels, instruments, furniture, heat, buildings, and even homes to a variety of non-human critters, as well literally the lungs of our planet. It's an inspiration of the art and science of woodworking and an appreciation of the craft. 

On the back, from the  TOOLCHEST book:

The Tree
The sawn board we buy for mere money is a cut of life, itself; a thin slice from a great tree that creaked in the wind, and whose branches birds and squirrels made their small lives, a great shelter sucking water from the ground and sunlight from the day. It's best to have respect and understanding for the wood we work. 

  Sizes: Small: 34-36, Medium: 38-40, Large: 42-44, XLarge: 46-48, XXL: 50-52

Click ABOUT JAN for more on this remarkable author and artist. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
James FitzGerald
Appreciation for wood.

The shirt displays a great message.

bill sonntag

Very happy

Robert Bennett
A saw mill owners dream shirt

I feel a good slogan for a shirt would also be “Woodenboat’s for Iron men “

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